How HumonTeq Works

  • Technology

    HumonTeq has changed the traditional hiring practices of paper shuffling, no consultant outreach and bamboozling hiring managers.

    From high-level help desk technicians to those running global IT organizations, we are here to ensure your needs are filled. No job description ever captures the full scope of who you need to fill your role. Our Humons build relationships with your organization so we can match candidates based on more than a job description and a resume.

  • Humans

    Staffing is no longer about reviewing piles of resumes because the words on the paper fit a job description. It’s about humans connecting whole humans to their best roles based on more than their words.

    Are you a techie who stands out, drives change and doesn’t fit into a round hole?  We are looking to bring you to organizations where you can be you.

  • Humans + Tech + Relationships

    We utilize our impression management skills to ensure that you view our Humon Techies for who they are, not just what they do. Everything from clothing style and posture to the way we hold conversation is adjustable to suit better the persons we interact with daily. Human beings’ size each other up quickly. Our Humons ensure that your resume says everything it needs to and some elements it can’t. We work with hiring managers, so they see more than a piece of paper, they understand how the relationship with their new consultant can shape the future of their organization. As a result, you get a lifelong employee and a partner who understands you and those whom you serve.

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